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Clovis-Tools Points

Our point system is like no other and for good reason, we want you the contractor to not only enjoy shopping for professional tools at Clovis-Tools  but to get something back in cash not prizes which are free stuff vendors give away anyways or junk catalog items but true cash to be applied at anytime.

The average cost of each point will change from time to time never going lower then .03 per point and can reach .06 a point depending on time of year or specials only registered customers will get this info and the more points you have the better off you will be later. For example we will give you 500 points to sign up and is valued at 15.00 usd to use right away or save then for later and use on special double point items and really save bucks.

The bottom line is we want your business and can provide outstanding products and service we just need you to see for yourself and with 500 points to start.These points you earn can not be cashed out for real cash value and is only available for purchases on . Shipping charges can not be discounted and will not deduct shipping costs, only tangible inventory.We may also from time to time give all customers extra points at different times of year as business grows the older accounts should be a part of what new accounts get as well and will always be top of our list for any benefits we use to attract new customers.